Everyone has their idea of what constitutes amazing tattoos, but the following designs have truly captured the people’s imagination. A qualified tattoo artist can create these designs; just make sure the individual is licensed.


Tribal tattoos come in various forms, ranging from the aboriginal, indigenous and tribes from different cultures around the world. There are also artists who can come up with new and unique designs based on traditional tribal concepts.

Many people find these tattoos attractive because it offers a striking contrast between the modern high tech world and those of primitive peoples.


These are very popular among laymen and celebrities. Stars can be designed in various ways and by using different colors. Another reason for their popularity has to do with their symbolism. Stars represent guidance, luck and fame.


These are also very popular especially among the religious. Angels are said to be the beings created by God to guide mankind. Angels appear in different forms, but the most popular designs are Uriel and Michael.


The cross is used extensively by people who have embraced the Gothic culture and lifestyle. The cross of course, is also used by those who want to express their religious belief.

Other people prefer this design just because it looks cool. There are many types of crosses used, with the most popular being the Iron Cross, Maltese Cross and the Celtic Cross.


Some of the most amazing tattoos have wings as the main motif. Wings are associated with spiritual knowledge and magic in many cultures around the world. Some people like the wings design because it symbolizes freedom, speed and raising oneself to a higher level.


Butterflies symbolize happiness, beauty, freedom and change. It is no surprise then that butterflies are very popular among women.


The phoenix is a bird depicted as rising from the ashes, symbolizing rebirth for some or immortality for others. Some people wear this because it represents one’s ability to rise from difficulties and hardships.


This is often the choice of those who want to express their strength and leadership ability.


Snakes symbolize knowledge, power, renewal, cunning and temptation. Those who want a seductive or sensual tattoo often use this design. It can also be used by those who want to show their mystical side.


Dragons have always been popular for several reasons. Eastern styled dragons symbolize wisdom, knowledge and good luck. In the Western world the dragon epitomizes power and might. This dragon is also known for being the guardian of secrets and treasures.


The fairy is another mythological creature used in many tattoo designs. Part of the charm lies in the fact it can be illustrated in a very colorful manner. Two other reasons make it popular, and those are its association with granting wishes and having the ability to fly.

These are just some of the most amazing tattoo designs you can apply on your body. In the end, the best design is something only you can decide.

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